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    The network has for some time there is a site Positioning itself as a fair gaming. Let us consider it in more detail. The service has one online game in which you specify the size of the bet and your chance of winning, you will be shown the settlement option of winning. And you choose by means of two buttons the interval is more or less. Meanwhile, a random number from 0 to 999999 is generated. And if the generated number is in the range of your interval, then you win, if not lost.
    Well, for example, if you think that you have chosen a winning number and in the process the program has learned that you have guessed and that you have not won changes the number. So here you can check everything easily. For the number is generated before the game. And you have a so-called Hash, which is encrypted winning number. At the end of the game with the help of an independent Sha-512 generator, you can compare the Hash before the game and the Hash at the end of the game. if the number does not change on purpose. the two values must be the same
    On a good chance to win in this game should be from 50 to 95 % but in fact much lower. This is due to the fact that the random number generator works in a certain way and immenno generates as many numbers as possible, either very small or very large, so the user does not occur until he has 95% probability of winning loses the entire Deposit. So in fact the site does not care what percentage will be specified. Also, most users do not check the hash of the game and it is worth checking, so if you are going to play there be sure to check the hash after each game. We recommend you to look for the calls about this site on the Internet and you will definitely find a lot of interesting things. Site of the game.
    The site positions itself as the best economic online game , although in the game itself there is nothing of strategy just pressing the button for luck. There are four types of games Crash, Classic, Improver, Battle. The first crash is popular in the main. The principle of the game is simple the player makes a bet (we take it as a unit), when the win multiplier becomes bigger, then our bet is multiplied accordingly, and we must have time to pick up the win before the multiplier falls and you lose everything. As for honesty, the site on this occasion writes the following: OUR SYSTEM WORKS ON THE SHA-256 ALGORITHM, YOU CAN CHECK THE RESULTS OF ALL PAST GAMES BY ENTERING THE "HASH" FROM HISTORY. That immediately raises doubts so this is that the hash can only be checked in the building and accordingly it was not known to you in advance. The question arises in what then honesty of the game ? What is the probability of winning in this game, I think you can decide for yourself. Site of the game.

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This is an absolutely fair online game with real payouts. We have 100% fair games. Using the control, you will see the honesty of the game.

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